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Even for your local community group there will be a broad range of options for accounting and finance service offerings including getting specialise setup, tax structuring advice, finance systems and processes together with the everyday bookkeeping and accounting functions.

FreeUp will be able to help you navigate your organisation through these times,

and help keep you compliant with the relevant authorities

How we can help

  • Social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations might not be about generating profits for the owner's pocket but they are still about cashflow and good financial management

  • Whether you're an established organisation, or just beginning you're journey - we can help

  • We are partnered with Xero, and use a suite of modern technologies such as Google & Office365 to deliver sound processes and efficiencies to your organisation

  • We can offer our services throughout NZ because of our cloud based approach

  • No matter where you are - in the office, at home, at the Bach - you can have the latest information at your fingertips

  • You wouldn't trust someone to build your house that has never built a house before, so why should you treat your finances the same?

  • Trust our experience in the sector working for small grassroot organisations right through to national NFP bodies

Managing Finances
Image by Austin Distel

What we offer

  • We only ask one thing of our clients; how can we help? It may not seem like that big of a deal, but too often we are so focused on the task at hand, what’s truly important is left by the wayside

  • We offer a range of services bespoke to you - including bookkeeping, advice & support, payroll, planning, compliance, and processes & control reviews

  • After listening to what are your needs, we’ll give you options for services that we think will help you best and fits your budget!

  • Thinking of starting up a new Charity or NFP? Make sure you get off on the right foot. We offer help & support in set up, structure, compliance, and processes & controls

  • We aim to grow with you. Once you're up and running, we can look to create a package of services that work for you

  • Relationships are never done & dusted. Which is why it is important that we constantly put in the time & effort to build and grow our bond with you

  • We are available for monthly check-in sessions and also deeper strategic involvement to ensure that you are getting what you need back out of this relationship


Don't waste valuable time ...

We give you time back by helping with day-to-day finance matters like reconciliations, invoicing, bills and more

Inventory & Assets

What's sitting in the closet ...

Regardless of what kind of organisation you are, it’s important to keep accurate records of what you own. A smooth operation relies on managing assets successfully

Advisory & Support

We are here to help ...

Running an organisation can be a tough job, and it’s good to have a trusted advisor to lean on in times of complexity or uncertainty. Leverage our experiences for your organisation

Audit Support

Clean and simple ...

Leverage our expertise and knowledge from managing Audits at PwC and our clients, to support you through your own as seamless as possible. We can provide excellent referrals for an Audit Practitioners if needed


Staff are your most valuable asset ...

Automate tax with the IR, payroll and KiwiSaver calculations for a stress free workforce. Employees are paid and accounts updated in just a few clicks using Xero payroll software.

Controls & Processes

Going around in circles ...

An objective review can save you time and improve the robustness of your organisation, giving you peace of mind that your operating framework is as it should be


What does the future hold ...

This is needed now more than ever! Whether its budgeting or forecasting, we bring a track record of financial planning and analysis to help you move forward


Increase your revenues ...

Our extensive time in the industry means we have many ideas and solutions that can work for you. Increase the top line so you can do more


Yes, it has to be done ...

Let us take care of the boring stuff – think GST, year-end performance reports and liaising with auditors. This frees you up so that you can spend time on your purpose

Set up & Structuring

Get it done right, get it done once ...

We can setup your organisation online to add some stability to your day-to-day. Using platforms like Xero, Google,

& Office365, access the information at your fingertips anywhere in the world


Tell the story ...

We bring life to the numbers with context and meaning through our reporting and commentary. We do this as often, as formal and as detailed as you want

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